Adjustable 2 Way Coupler Double Dog Lead


Our 2 Way Coupler Double dog lead makes it easier than ever to walk two dogs at the same time on one lead. The length range of 60-91cm or 31-45cm per side of the coupler, can be adjusted to accomodate a multiple combination of dogs to make walking even more fun.

Key Benefits

  •  attach a lead to the centre ring & snap hooks at each end simply fasten to each dogs collar or harness for no fuss & convenient tangle free dual walking
  • the adjustable design allows ample room between dogs to walk together in comfort & style
  • made of durable nylon webbing material for long lasting use
  • ideally suited for small & medium sized dogs that love their daily adventures to the park or a stroll around the neighbourhood
  • a great choice for dog owners with multiple pets