TropiClean Fresh Breath Teeth Cleaning Gel -118ml


Oral care is about more than making your pets’ smiles sparkle, it’s an important component of their overall health. In fact, 80% of dogs begin to show signs of oral disease by age 3. This Fresh Breath Teeth Cleaning Gel from Tropiclean, is a unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients that removes & defends against plaque & tartar, providing fresh breath for friendlier smooches. Your dog can now enjoy clean teeth, with no brushing required! So say goodbye to pawful tantrums.

Key Benefits

  • this all natural formula goes to work around the teeth to soften & remove  plaque or tartar & fight bacteria that causes bad breath
  • the combination of ingredients like chlorophyll, mint, carbopol, green tea extract & aloe vera, effectively helps prevent or clear up infected & bleeding of the gums
  • see cleaner teeth in 30 days or less with daily use
  • with no brushing required, it's an easy to use & simple dental care solution  for pet owners who struggle to brush their dog's teeth or have time restraints
  • suitable for all dogs' over 12 weeks
  • all TropiClean's products have the National Animal Seal of approval